New in our development team

With pride we can announce that the development team has been expanded with a new and knowledgeable volunteer: Benjamin Kweku Intsiful. First result is a new and rich calendar plugin, fully integrated into the theme’s design. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Benjamin.

Benjamin is a Ghanaian-born avid technologist with Oracle products for years, researching and applying cutting-edge technologies from the Oracle products and Microsoft paradigms which he exemplifies in he retail, government, finance, and construction sectors.

His favorite tool of choice is Application Express (APEX). He is a certified Oracle Application Express expert and a technical reviewer for some technical journals and book on Apex which he proudly highlights in his portfolio.

His passionate philosophy is raising Africa one code block at a time. Occasionally you’ll find him in the OTN forums as “GhanaApexDeveloper”, PL/SQL Challenge, and Top Coders, exhibiting his skillsets or blogging at

Are you as enthusiastic as Benjamin and would you also like to be part of the team? Let us know by sending a mail to