Deep dive “Bootstrap Theme for Apex” on December 18

Mark your calendar for December 18! Because of the enormous popularity and the response a special Deep Dive session is organized in association with ODTUG. This webinar is intended for everybody who wants to use the theme building user-friendly applications.

During the webinar a number of specialists will be available, eager to help you with your specific questions.

The webinar will cover the most asked questions and problems we received from Apex-developers:

  • How to properly use the bootstrap grid from apex
  • Creating dynamic actions on bootstrap elements
  • Building complex forms
  • What does the theme support and what not (and why)
  • Expected (new and improved) features in the next release

Attending is free for everyone! Even for non ODTUG members.

Just click here for registration.


New in our development team

With pride we can announce that the development team has been expanded with a new and knowledgeable volunteer: Benjamin Kweku Intsiful. First result is a new and rich calendar plugin, fully integrated into the theme’s design. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Benjamin.

Benjamin is a Ghanaian-born avid technologist with Oracle products for years, researching and applying cutting-edge technologies from the Oracle products and Microsoft paradigms which he exemplifies in he retail, government, finance, and construction sectors.

His favorite tool of choice is Application Express (APEX). He is a certified Oracle Application Express expert and a technical reviewer for some technical journals and book on Apex which he proudly highlights in his portfolio.

His passionate philosophy is raising Africa one code block at a time. Occasionally you’ll find him in the OTN forums as “GhanaApexDeveloper”, PL/SQL Challenge, and Top Coders, exhibiting his skillsets or blogging at

Are you as enthusiastic as Benjamin and would you also like to be part of the team? Let us know by sending a mail to

Call for feature requests!

The development team constantly improves the theme and adds new features. Release 5 of the theme is scheduled for 2015. This version again will have a couple of surprising and nice features. For example we are working on:

  • Drag-and-drop support
  • Creating user-widgets
  • Flat design CSS switch
  • LESS support
  • New graphic elements
  • Apex 5 support

Of course this version also will be an open source project and donated to the apex community. We are curious to hear the experiences of the users. Do you know of a nice new feature or addition to the theme? Or maybe you are looking for missing functionality? We are keen to know. We might be able to implement your specific need into the next release. You can send an email to

SMART4apex developers celebrating Theme success!

Brothers Richard and Sergei Martens, both members of the smart4apex guild, joined forces this year to develop a Twitter Bootstrap template for Oracle Apex. This template is available to the apex-community for free. A first version of the theme has been presented during Kscope14 this year in Seattle.

At this moment the theme has been downloaded over 1300 times. A clear sign that the theme meets a need. This is not surprising because Twitter Bootstrap is the most popular UI framework and the most popular open source project on GitHub in June 2014. All in all a good reason to write this newsletter in which we would like to thank everybody for his or her enthusiastic reactions. And at the same time we’ll take this opportunity to you inform about the course of developments around the theme. Curious about the theme? Go for a demonstration.

Words from a theme user

The theme can only be improved when you let us know what your findings are and what you are missing. We also love to hear positive enthusiastic reactions. These are motivating us to continue to improve the theme. There is no better proof that we’re on the right path.

I have been trying to build an Apex bootstrap theme for more than a year. I’ve managed to build a simple site with some limited templates. But not as comprehensive as mush as the smart4apex Bootstrap theme for Apex. I was looking for responsiveness, easy to use, professional and easy to implement. And I found it… it is all in one theme…

Omar Sawalhah, e-marefa, Jordan